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How can we be happily married to the same person for a lifetime?
How do engaged couples put down good foundations for marriage?
What’s involved in being a good parent of toddlers and teenagers?

These and many more questions are answered by the Marriage and Parenting Courses.
Our aim is to provide practical, relevant help to parents, couples and individuals in different areas of family life and relationships.



Most couples spend countless hours preparing for the wedding, but little, if any time preparing for married life. The Marriage Preparation Course can help you develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.

The Marriage Course is for any couple who wants to invest in their relationship, whether you have been together 1 or 61 years and whether you have a strong relationship or are struggling.

 The Parenting Children Course The Parenting Teenagers Course

The Parenting Children Course is for any parents, step-parents, prospective parents or carers of children aged 0 – 10 years.

The Parenting Teenagers Course is for any parents, step-parents, or carers of children aged 11 – 18 years.